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Clockday 2006 Collab Clockday 2006 Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars


hehe that was funni :P
loved the macarana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the bckgrounds were kwl nicwe design on sum of em, gr8 music
ill vote 5 :D
happy clock day!!

bex xx

Orangebeef responds:

I seriously can't read a thing you just said.

ClouDs! ClouDs!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

was ok but..

u cudnt hear it? maybe u shudda put subtitles on or summat then at least we wud b able 2 hear wat the charactors were sayin :P,
nice graphics, an i spose gd story tho u cudnt really tell wat was goin on bcuz of the sound problems lol,

happy clock day!! :P an ill vote a 3 4 ya movie
bex xx

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pauly2smally responds:

thats exactly what i was worried about, i thought about subtitles and taking out the wind, in the end i came to a conclusion, naaaaaaaa

dix. dix.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dix :P

kwl clockday movie!! :)
loved it wen at 1 point (i fink it was in "stoopidclock's story" bit the music wen off then came back as e sed dix lol added an edge 2 it hehe. (this q cud probs b ans by the credits but) ...did u make da music or get it off a webbie? just wundrin.
anyways exellent graphics, kwl style, gr8 music, 3 on violence cuz of the explosion thing lol, 1 interactivity cuz of the start button, an 8 humour.

cya l8rs
DIX XD bex xx

nyiddle responds:


A Boring Day A Boring Day

Rated 4 / 5 stars


nice graphics, gd 3D effect, gd voice evrythin was brill! :P
gd clock short keep it up :)
hope 2 c sum mre, b gd if in ur nxt u included a script/story

voted 5 :P

SuperHappyGayFunTime #1 SuperHappyGayFunTime #1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a list of things i liked... lol

was a vry gd movie ill just put a few bits i liked,
1.liked the "B" headband (hehe) kwl
2. "hi...erm i'm the cable man and i'm here to fix your..em..Toilet" lmao classic :P
3.liked the animation, inc the slow action jump!
4. liked the plot vry kwl
5. loads mre but cant b boverd 2 write em :P lol
only 1 fing that cud b better is that 1 of the locks is kinda quiet an hard 2 hear (tho the subtitles do say what he ses but...o well lol)
other than that really gd piece of wrk! and i wanna c the next 1! or the full version! 4/5
an btw the clock crew r kwl, long live the clocks! :)

Little Red rides da hood Little Red rides da hood

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


it was ok.. but i fink it wud b better if u had sound on it, instead of just showing the outside of the house show red ridin hoods mum tlkin 2 er, u cud even make er mum luk as weird as u like lol
i think that music and edible speech wub make it loads better but 4 now ill giv u a 3/5
btw i really liked the sparklin red eyes was the best bit :) an the animations were gd

Alien Encounters:Part 1 Alien Encounters:Part 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

pretty gd

i liked it, it was alrite!
liked the aliens though they did kinda luk like a simpler version of the 1s off of the film alien but gd job anyway. i liked the bit at the end where he died lol it was gd the way u changed the mood and the colours, so for example as the music went softer the colour changed 2 blue like they do in thw movies wen sum 1 dies.
the music was gd and the animations was exellent 4 a 1st try! hope 2 c the next 1 gave this 1 a ratin of 4 :)
:P gd 1 :P

Cooking with Clockcrew Cooking with Clockcrew

Rated 4 / 5 stars

clocks!!! :)

"cooking is so fun, cooking is so fun, now its time 2 take a luk an c wot we have dun" hehe that was so kwl an funni! lol
i luv da clock crew an i fink all ur wrk is gr8.
In this 1 i fink they were all gd but the best were Sharingon and knight because sharingon was diffrent from all the others cuz it dint do all the song lol an the knight was kwl wiv the computor "machanical soundin" voice an it sounded mre realistic
but all of u gd wrk!!! keep it up :D

In The Future In The Future

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

like it

kwl animation
i like the 3d effect, an kwl machine gun! :)
an 2 da guy/gal hus sayin ur nikin stuff, i aint seen nuffin like this on ere (if im wrong soz) but i dnt fink u niked it anyways
U got 2 make an animation 4 sch! :0 thats unfair, but anyways gd 1 make mre an er..make it longer kk?
gdgd cyas (gave it a 4 btw)

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White Wedding White Wedding

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

er... well

well..that was...strange
like the blood an guts, hehe i also like the cat that suddenly jus gets torn apart lol an the evil ninja-turtily thingey! lol
overall kwl in a wierd sorta way....oh an like the art wrk!
wrk on ur animation.