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Clockday 2006 Collab Clockday 2006 Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars


hehe that was funni :P
loved the macarana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the bckgrounds were kwl nicwe design on sum of em, gr8 music
ill vote 5 :D
happy clock day!!

bex xx

Orangebeef responds:

I seriously can't read a thing you just said.

ClouDs! ClouDs!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

was ok but..

u cudnt hear it? maybe u shudda put subtitles on or summat then at least we wud b able 2 hear wat the charactors were sayin :P,
nice graphics, an i spose gd story tho u cudnt really tell wat was goin on bcuz of the sound problems lol,

happy clock day!! :P an ill vote a 3 4 ya movie
bex xx

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pauly2smally responds:

thats exactly what i was worried about, i thought about subtitles and taking out the wind, in the end i came to a conclusion, naaaaaaaa

dix. dix.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dix :P

kwl clockday movie!! :)
loved it wen at 1 point (i fink it was in "stoopidclock's story" bit the music wen off then came back as e sed dix lol added an edge 2 it hehe. (this q cud probs b ans by the credits but) ...did u make da music or get it off a webbie? just wundrin.
anyways exellent graphics, kwl style, gr8 music, 3 on violence cuz of the explosion thing lol, 1 interactivity cuz of the start button, an 8 humour.

cya l8rs
DIX XD bex xx

nyiddle responds:


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Slingo The Suicidal Worm Slingo The Suicidal Worm

Rated 2 / 5 stars


i tuk blazzleboy's tip from his review an moved the worm 2 the right hand side of the screen. i cud even ans the phone an e dint get hit lol
but wen i did actually try wiv it, i dint even get half-way, so it luks like the only way 2 can win is 2 cheat lol! make it shorter an easier then think about takin away the glitch :)

All-In-One Tutorial All-In-One Tutorial

Rated 4 / 5 stars

kinda helpful

this tute was was kinda helpful in the sense that it gave basic instuctions, but u cudda included mre info on wot the hell 2 do! u no basic stuff cus im still really confused :S
but overall gd wrk! make anovva plz, it wud b vry helpful (but add mre detail plz!!!!) thnx

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The Last Goodbye The Last Goodbye

Rated 4 / 5 stars

kwl gd 1

absolutly gr8!!!! i luv it!!!!!!!!!!
lovly beat an melody,flows well
im gunna dwnload it hehe, it makes my stuff sound like pree-sch lmao
its very relaxin, i think it wud b exellent 4 sum kinda love flash lol
so wat im tryin 2 say 1, loved it, make mre, voted 5, keep it up, like the begginin, middle...and end actually lolz :P
cya l8r xxxxx bex xxxxx

pyroguy-37 responds:

AMAZING! you are like my number one fan! Hope to hear more reviews from you on some of my latest pieces!

StarsShineAboveHeaven'sGates StarsShineAboveHeaven'sGates

Rated 4 / 5 stars

fabulous,loved it!!!!!!!!

that song is awsome, i love it gr8!!!! beautiful melody, backed by (at the end :P) a drum beat just quiet enough 2 fit in!! beautiful. do sum mre like this please its brilliant.
:o and how can it onli get a 3.33 out of 5 lolz
well i'm votin 5!!!!!! :D

cya l8rs bex xx

pyroguy-37 responds:

wow! thanks for the support! you'll be happy to know that I have a song in the making that is like this one, it is about 2 mins long so far, and still in work. I have a better version of this song coming up btw, so if you'd like to wait until it comes out, that would be cool!

Expadition Expadition

Rated 4 / 5 stars


hiya! rememba me! :) (btw check out ma ans 2 ur review thnx xx)

really gd 4 just a couple of mins!! like the bendin synth, onli fing that kindas gets annoyin is the crashes lol mabs u cudda used a lower pitch 1? idk? but overall realli gd!! an i fink ill dwnload it :) + votin 4/5 cuz i liked it :P


Billy86 responds:

the crashes didn't annoy me that much. and yeah, the pitch bending could've been lower. but you know this IS my first submission =P

thanx for the review!